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April 16, 2009



Travis, the path is through trial and error. We can design many technically sustainable solutions right now, but will they be: user friendly or desirable? It's those last two traits that's oftentimes been neglected over the last 20 years (if comparative price and performance are considered equal). John really made me think about these human psychological elements in a chat last year.

I think style is going to be the most important feature of sustainable product adoption. If Target and Wal-Mart hire some great designers (home furnishings, housewares, clothes/footwear) for the mass market...we could see a lot of progress quickly. Importantly though is that the 'eco' attributes be downplayed in the communications.

KoAnn Vikoren Skrzyniarz

I agree with Mario at least on the stylish design side ;) Lets get a dialogue going on this at SB'09 since John will be there as will Scott MacKinley Hawn from Loomstate who is designing Target's new eco-line!

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